Alexei Vella

200811250759I ran across Alexei Vella's retro-styled illustrations the other day and was really impressed. His work takes inspiration not only from vintage comics and cartoons, but anything from pop art to pulp posters. Vella's work, often filled with social or political commentary, displays a certain wit and intelligence that I find irresistible.

From his website:

Alexei Vella specializes in creating images that are both striking and complex, sensual yet undeniably intellectually involving. In order to achieve this unique look, Vella employs a complex colour palette, an eclectic application of graphics and texture, and a sophisticated use of antiquated surfaces. Appropriating the colloquial iconography of popular retro forms to an emboldened modern sensibility, Vella's work has achieved international recognition appearing in a variety of exhibitions and print.

To see more of Alexei's work, go to

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