Wall Blank


Finding good art has always been a challenge for me. I really like the idea of having a unique original piece, but I never want to pay the prices for original artwork. Luckily for me, Wall Blank sent me an email telling me about their awesome original, and affordable artwork. Wall Blank puts a new limited edition print (sometimes photo, sometimes screenprint, sometimes another type) up every weekday. They're only available for one week. On non-profit Fridays, the artist donates their work and 100% of the proceeds from their print go to a non-profit cause of their choice. It doesn't get much better than that. My favorite piece this week is the "Original Paisley" shown here by Lauren Lenartowski. It's screen printed on french paper. Size is 11" x 22" and the price is an amazing $14.

Original Paisley available from Wall Blank for $14

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...