Affordable Modern Kitchen Contest Entry: Omaha Modern

05Here is a great kitchen remodel that preserves much of the great 1920's woodwork.

An equal lover of modern and vintage our kitchen tries to meet in the middle. When buying our 1920's house we knew we were going to gut the 1970's kitchen complete with dropped ceiling, spices wallpaper and wood paneling. Our goals were to make the kitchen look larger and modernize it in keeping with the beauty of the 1920's woodwork that surrounds the rest of house. A three foot opening was widened to create the bar reusing all of the original trim. When we needed more trim we relied on a great local salvage yard. We chose the IKEA AKURUM medium brown cabinets for cost, clean lines, and color choices that complimented the existing woodwork. By placing some cabinets horizontally it gave the kitchen a more modern look. The lighting scheme was also a huge part of the design. Josh went to the extra work of recessing all of the under counter puck lights. We chose contemporary lighting fixtures that bring out the colors of the orange art deco chandelier in the dining room. The layout of the kitchen was drastically overhauled. By placing the fridge in the old ice box niche (fitting I thought) the space is drastically opened up giving us a ton of counter space. Budget was always on our mind, hence the IKEA cabinets. Believe it or not the granite was a steal because it's thinner than normal. We were cheap labor except for the parts we relied on the experts which was electrical (good old knob and tube), redirecting a vent, and putting in a support beam. I think we managed to make the most of our $10,000 budget; it's still small, but now a comfortable place for two to cook.

Approx price: $10,000


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