Avanti portable induction hotplate

 Aabh Prd On Demandware.Static Sites-Appliance-Site Sites-Compactappliance Default V1224833608794 Products Viewlarger Ihp1500 Vl1In the spirit of affordable modern kitchen remodels, demo on our kitchen starts today. I think we finally settled on a layout, and appliances, and we are just working out the flooring details right now. Since I am doing all the work, it will probably be a while until we have a fully functional kitchen again. To try and make it a little easier, we set up a little kitchen in our laundry room. We are using this little Avanti Induction hotplate to do all our cooking. I am totally obsessed with the whole induction cooktop idea, and if all goes well we will be doing an induction cooktop in our main kitchen also.

Avanti induction hotplate + skillet available from Compact appliance for $107. More about induction cooking here.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...