Affordable Modern Kitchen Entry: Simple, Modern, Functional

Summer12Sm11This second entry is very inspiring. Summer did an amazing job at opening up the space, and making it feel much larger. Here is how she describes her new kitchen;

Three simple words to describe my kitchen would be simple, modern, and functional. For the small space, I used white cabinets to make the space feel bright and open. Instead of using lower cabinets, I left the space open to also act as a dining table. An appliance garage allows me to hide my small kitchen appliances, yet they are still easily assessable. To make my kitchen affordable, I bought my cabinets from Ikea and priced shopped ebay and local stores for the appliances. I chose white appliances to blend in with the white high gloss cabinets. I lost a lot of storage without the upper and lower cabinets, so I added floating steel shelves to hold my dishes. It also allows me to give the kitchen a splash of color. My biggest expense was the laminate countertops. They would have been much cheaper if I chose not to add the apple plywood exposed edge, but I couldn’t resist! I have attached some before and after pictures.

Aprox cost $10,000

More pictures, plus some amazing before and after shots after the jump.

Heatherbrae 003 Before

Summer16Sm12 After

Summer30 Before

Summer24 After

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