Ikea Draper Sales

200810030726With the increasing pressure of the economic downturn, Ikea is doing their best to help you keep a couple extra dollars in your pockets. It seems like I have noticed an increase in sales and freebies that they have been offering lately, all of which could potentially save you some good loot. Their big kitchen sale starts this Saturday, and runs through Nov 11th. It includes 10% off for any kitchen purchase over $2,500 and up to 20% off if you bundle it with some appliances. If you're not in the market for a kitchen you can at least stop by this weekend at Ikea Draper for a buy one get one free cinnamon bun or frozen yogurt (coupon included after the jump). Also free breakfasts are still available on Sunday mornings through the 26th of Oct.

Ikea Draper website.


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