Offi YooDo

200809040940.jpgSome of my favorite toys when I was a kid were the ones I could build things with, and the bigger the better. Offi has a great little system for your little builder, the YooDo. In all honesty, you could probably make your own YooDo kit if you had access to a refrigerator box, but for those that are less motivated you can now pick a set up for sale from Design Public for $29. Each set includes 16 pieces;

  • 4 ea: 26" x 15" large U panel
  • 4 ea: 20" x 8" small U panel
  • 4 ea: 9" x 15" large connector
  • 4 ea: 6" x 3-1/2" small trapezoid

Add a little imagination, and your kid will have a great little space station or modern crib to play with their buddies. Perhaps the best part of all is when they are all worn out and mangled you can just recycle them since they are made of heavy duty cardboard.

Available from Design Public for $29.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...