200808052229Outdoor enthusiasts who know about websites like Steep and Cheap know just how addictive the one day limited quantity super discount sites can be. Now design junkies can rejoice and share in their addiction, undrgrnd.com is here to feed our hunger for affordable design. Here is the way it works. Undergrnd collects new and open box furniture and furnishings from stores like Design Public, and then offers them for sale on their website at deeply discounted prices. There are no returns, and shipping anywhere in the US is a flat 15% fee. To keep things interesting only type of product is available a day, and only for 24 hours. For example the Thomas Paul rugs shown here are 50% off, and will only be for sale for another 30 minutes until todays deal shows up. To get the good deals, you've got to check the website daily. I'll do my best to get the word out if I see great deals too.

Check out the crazy deals at undrgrnd.com.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...