Trying to beat the heat

Dsc 0003-37Things are heating up in Utah. It looks like we should be hitting triple digits this week. Unfortunately for us our house has neither central air or a swamp cooler. We have been blowing cold air from our basement up the stairs to try and keep things cool, and it definitely helps. To make sleeping a little bit nicer, we decided to buy some ceiling fans. We went with the cirrus hugger from modern fan. It's the same fan we had at our last house, and we loved them there. Installation was a breeze (luckily our boxes were already braced for a ceiling fan) and they look great in our room with our new Malm bed and dresser. Cirrus Hugger Fans available from Y Lighting starting at $304 Malm bed and dresser available from Ikea $149 - $199

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Please excuse me while I pay some bills...