New Products from Kohler

200806250721Kohler has some great looking new products out. I am particularly smitten with some of their new sinks. The 8 degree sinks (above left) are some nice looking undermount stainless steel sinks with a more angular design. Very clean looking, and shockingly expensive at around $1,600! The other unique idea that I really liked was their Crevasse Prep Sink (above right). It's basically a skinny sink with a garbage disposal at the bottom. It has some touch sensitive trickery to turn on the water and disposal and is also shockingly expensive at $1,350. So you may be thinking to yourself at this point, why am I featuring unaffordable modern things at Grassrootsmodern? These same ideas could be fairly simply incorporated into a DIY concrete or resin countertop, or perhaps done on the cheap with a little creativity. Were still a couple months out from starting our kitchen remodel, but we're always looking for inspiration.

More information and pics at Kohler.

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