Potential SLC Modern Project

200806182252I fully realize that the term "affordable" means different things to different people. I have always wanted to build a modern home in Salt Lake. We got a taste of it with our last addition and we vow that we will build again one day. The hard part is finding a lot in a good neighborhood and then still having any money left over for construction. If $450K is affordable, or even doable for you, here is a good opportunity. My friend had a great 3,000 square foot home designed by Jesperson Design, and had a great lot in Cottonwood Heights. Plans fell through and now the lot is up for sale for $279K. For that price it comes with the plans for the home (renderings shown above). Total cost should come in right around $450K for everything. That works out to be around $140 a square foot, which is really not bad for a modern home in a good neighborhood.

Check out this craigslist ad for questions, or leave a comment below.

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