This week on Craigslist

200805210733 I have decided that one of the best things about having Ikea open a store in Utah is the fact that there is now a ton of super cheap Ikea stuff on Craigslist. Some of the best deals I have found this week are a black leather poang chair for $50. It would normally run you over $200 with the leather. I'm not a huge fan of the cherry, but it's worth it just for the leather covers. There were also a couple good deals on Malm beds. There was an older ad for one in birch with sidetables for $75 and one in white with a mattress for $200. I emailed these guys, but no response yet :( . Craigslist has more than just Ikea goodies this week though. The Saarinen chairs shown above are a steal at $260 for the pair. I also came across a nice looking stainless steel Jen-Air gas stove for $300. It looks like it may be missing a bottom drawer.

More Ikea goodies.

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