Won’t you be my neighbor?

200805160729One of our favorite houses down the street from us just went on the market. We have always said that there weren't many houses in our area that we would actually trade our for, but this was definitely one of them. Unfortunately for us it is twice as expensive as ours :( . I guess the trade is off. But it really is a great house if you have half a million to drop on a home. The exterior picture really doesn't do it justice. Anyone want to move in down the street from us? I'll help move your furniture in! Check it out on the MLS listed at $559,000, ouch. Enjoy some unaffordable local eye candy after the jump.

200805160726 200805160726-1 200805160727

200805160726-2 200805160727-1 200805160728 200805160728-1

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