Our new home; Fortuna Way

Untitled-1-1Ok, I know that some of you have been anxious to see some pics of our new home. These pictures are actually from our inspection, and not of the best quality, but it should give you an idea. Nothing too exciting about the home architecturally. Because of the landscaping and a fence you really can't see the shape of the house at all. There is a basic floor plan after the jump. The garage is a flat roof, and the main building has a very low pitched roof that is tar and gravel. The exterior cladding is blue aluminum, which we don't love. The whole home is made of 50's cinder block that has a 4" x 24" profile. The are quite a few whole interior walls that are just painted block. Eventually we would like to redo the exterior cladding, but that is a way down the road. The yard is all native plants, no grass. We have two huge black walnut tree's in our back yard which we love.Our first project is to rip out all the carpet in the upstairs and uncover the Oak floor. Rip off the base and case, and paint everything white. We are right in the middle of it right now, and I'll be updating you soon. I'll also see if I can't get some better pictures over the weekend.

200804100725 The appraiser sketched this up. I died laughing when I saw the hummer in the garage. A VW Golf barely fits in that side.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...