Salt Lake City Craigslist Finds

200803270728Sorry this is sort of a Salt Lake City locals only post. I have been hooked on Craigslist lately looking for any good deals for our new house. I came across these two pieces the other day, and while they didn't quite fit my need, I thought they were pretty cool. The chair on the left is an Overman leather recliner with a rosewood case. It has a great classic danish look to it, and for $95 its a good deal. The dresser is solid walnut with white drawer fronts. It could use a little help with the drawer pulls, but it has a great look to it. I especially like the base. Once again, very classic danish/Mid Century and only $95. Both are for sale by a guy named Rick, check out the Craigslist ads for more info.

Craigslist ad for Overman recliner. Craigslist ad for dresser. Let us know if you score either one of them!

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