Costco Convertible Stool

 Images Content Productlarge 246168LlApril, one of our great GRM readers sent me this link last week. Its for a convetible stool from Costco. The convertible part is the fact that you can throw some castors and a tray on it and use it as a shop stool. Personally I like it just the way it is is. It has a great retro/industrial look to it. The 304 stainless steel seat and crome legs are built to be shop tough, so they will last forever in your home. It is also pneumatically adjustable from 25" to 30" which makes it much easier to get just the right height for your countertop. Best of all is that you get all this great stuff for only $39. You gotta love Costco.

Avialable from Costco for $39.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...