Todays Overstock Finds

Overstock usually has some pretty good stuff at great prices. You may not find the coolest modern pieces, but you can usually find some good clean designs if you look hard enough. Here are a couple I found today:  Images Products L1063574I really just like this adjustable drawing table because it reminds me of my dads old drafting table. I remember for a while he was spending all his nights sitting in front of it cramming for his architectural exams. This one may not be a full on drafting table, but it does have a nice maple top and a simple design. Plus did I mention it is only $109? Available for $109 at

 Images Products L10302784I admit that I am not really a huge fan of acrylic side tables, or acrylic anything for that matter. These however are a great deal, if your into that sort of thing. For $140 you get three nesting acrylic side tables. According to Overstock "The contemporary, versatile design of this set of three Acrylic Nesting Coffee Tables is sure to impress in your home or office. " Impressed? I am by the price. Available from Overstock for $140

 Images Products L11124011This couch is kinda like the acrylic side tables in my mind. I'm not hugely impressed by the design, but it is clean looking, and very affordable. The Kennedy sofa has none of the extra tufts and swooping lines that can ruin a couches look. It does have microsuede which is incredibly easy to clean up after. Best of all it's only $499. Really for that price it's a whole lot of couch. Available from overstock for $499

 Images Products L10761177Last but not least is this student desk. I like the soft green mint color, and the well balanced proportions. They were even able to slip a couple of drawers in there which makes it not only good looking, but functional as well. The high gloss finish should make cleaning easy. Don't think that just because it's called the student desk it needs to be covered with textbooks. This would look perfectly at home in any living room. Once again one of the best things is the price, $149. Available from Overstock for $149.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...