Turner Castle Summerhouse

 Img Projects 8 Summerhouse-01Here is a little friday eye candy for all of you who have ever thought about building a little shed behind your house. This north London shed was designed by Turner Castle in collaboration with Ullmayer Sylvester Architects. The home owners needed some additional space for their expanding family, but instead of adding on to their house, they decided to build a small building in the back yard. The shed is built on a steel frame, and is wood clad. It functions as a art studio, playroom, tool shed, and kitchen. I love the way it floats over the gravel.

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Via shedworking

Update (3/26/08) I received the following email from ullmayersylvester.com

We are writing to advise you that Ullmayer Sylvester are the sole designers/architects of the summerhouse in Hackney. Turner Castle were appointed as CONTRACTORS. They had no design responsibility. This is a serious copyright issue and we would like you to amend your article within the next seven days.

Consider yourselves informed.

 Img Projects 8 Summerhouse-02  Img Projects 8 Summerhouse-04

 Img Projects 8 Summerhouse-03

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...