All Images C C1C D84 Il Fullxfull.10905133Now that unique stuffed animals are all the rage, it's hard to find one that stands out above the crowd. Sure, your ugly doll comes with a little story about what that doll is like, but really you know that there are a million "unique" dolls just like it. Odkins surpass mere dolls and are complete stuffed individuals. Each is hand crafted with hand stitched facial features to give them that human touch. What's more, each comes with an elaborate story that really gives you an idea of their true character. For example read the description of Tomika Munkin:

Tomika Munkin is a monkey with a rich inner life, by which I mean she is always imagining strange worlds and scenarios in her little monkey head. You can often find her playing by herself somewhere, maybe crouched looking at some ants, or making little structures out of twings. In such instances, she is often quietly humming to herself, and if you stare you can almost imagine the story she's concocting about what she sees (ants becomes herds of buffalo, twigs are giant, ancient trees). She will be startled if you speak, as if you've pulled her right out of a different world.

She is truly special, and individual, just like the creator of these wonderful plush friends.

Available from the Odkins Etsy Shop for $30.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...