Dsc 0050-4Last week, on Thursday morning, Benchmark was able to finally get the siding finished. It turned out to be a lot more labor intensive than everyone had expected, but it looks just as good as I had hoped. Brady Roofing also came over and finished the cap that goes around the top of the wall. I have been very impressed with them. I called them Tuesday afternoon to see how quick they could get it done, and they had a couple guys on it Wednesday morning. They finished up Thursday just before the appraiser came. I haven't heard the final number of what it appraised for, but I should find out today. I thought I would give the contact info for Brady Roofing since they don't have a website yet.

Brady Roofing Dymon B. Brady 2032 Farm Ridge Rd. Salt Lake City UT 84118 801-487-5151 Fax: 801-487-0796

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