Lucy Ave - Nothin’ like a Holiday

 7244529In spite of the holiday (July 24th is Pioneer Day in Utah), we had 6 trades on site! Today we had Questar Gas, Pella Windows, Inline Plumbing, Benchmark Renovation, Timberline Doors and Michelle and I continued painting. We spent most of the day masking and priming and joined up with family later for festivities. Questar came to run a new gas line. They tried to run the new line inside the old but with no success. They eventually just replaced the whole thing. Pella came to replace some of the standard glass in the stairwell with tempered. It was surprising to see how simple they made it all look. Timberline Doors delivered the rest of the doors today so we will finally get our front door installed soon. We have been nervous about rain getting in and damaging the sheetrock. It will be nice to get the house one step closer to being sealed up. Chris from Benchmark also worked on closing up a few gaps on the exterior as well. Tomorrow all that orange pex will be covered with concrete. -Jacob

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