33 Stewart Ave

Dsc 0005-25Sean Finocchio is not only one of the nicest guys I've met in a while, he also is a very talented artist. Living in LA and trying to make a living as an artist he has turned to the streets. He photographs streets, markets, alleys, liquor stores and turns the otherwise ordinary photos into creatively wonderful graphics. Everything is vector based so no detail is lost when the cityscapes are enlarged into four foot prints. I love the colors that he chooses and his composition that can turn an everyday street into modern art. I was particulary smitton with the hughes print, and Sean was nice enough to send one my way. I was impressed with the quality print signed and numbered complete with letter of authenticity. Its true that original art is always an investment, but its nice to know you are supporting a good guy like Sean. Available from 33 Stewart for $250.

Dsc 0002-22

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