Lucy Ave - Big Windows

 6084297 2With big walls come big windows. Today the stair windows were installed. We have been anxious to see these get done. They started installing windows on monday but the rain caused a serious delay. These are a very dramatic element of the design and it's exciting to see them come to life. The stair windows span the entire height of the building and provide beautiful light to the whole house. We decided to go with Pella Pro-Line windows. Garth recommended them and he worked with the sales rep. to get us a good price. They are efficient and beautiful windows and a large portion of our budget was spent on them. We originally thought we could use a salvaged aluminum window but found that the supply was not as plentiful as we had originally been told. These are also a much more energy efficient window than aluminum. We would have preferred the look of aluminum but Pella's color options were quite limited. The roofing material showed up today and should be installed on monday.  6084295


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