Lucy Ave - Framing Begins

 5154036 2Framing has begun! The crew arrived early this morning and have accomplished quite a bit. We now have a floor to walk on and a good idea as to what our home actually feels like. Upright Framing is doing all the framing for us and they seem to really know what they are doing. Dave from Upright explained that even if the foundation isn't exactly square that they can and will correct it while framing. It is reassuring to hear subcontractors taking their work seriously. It amazes me the size and quantity of joists it requires to make a solid floor. It is partly to do with the fact that we will be pouring concrete on top of this floor as well. The walls start going up tomorrow and that will be even more satisfying. If Creede doesn't mind I will probably post once a day for the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow we have one of our last design meetings with Kenner and Stephanie of Architectural Nexus. We are going to determine our finish materials, light fixtures, paint colors etc. Michelle is especially excited to make these decisions so I am going to do my best to let her lead out. It is a little sad to see the design phase come to an end but also very satisfying to see a beautiful building coming out of the ground.


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