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 4253861After a full year of design, arranging financing (twice) and selecting a contractor (twice also) and waiting for what seemed like an eternity for a permit, work on the ground has finally began. We are building our dream home. It would be considered a humble home to many and weird to others but it is ideal in our minds. It's a very simple modern design that is intended to be easy to construct. We have three bedrooms, 2.5 baths spread over three floors with two walkout rooftop patios off the third. We are building what we think is a relatively affordable modern home our total cost with land included is under $320,000. Construction began only a few hours after gaining a permit thanks to Garth at Benchmark Renovation. They completed all of the excavation, fill and temporary electric in less than 48 hours. They will have the footings for the foundation in place tomorrow and all foundation work done by Friday. The framers are scheduled for next week. After a full year of talking about construction it is a huge relief to have it happening so fast. Keep posted for further hopefully rapid progress. -Jacob-

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