Dsc 0016-15I have been slowly chipping away at the electrical for the past several weeks. It has been slow progress and has included many phone calls to my friend Ryan who is way more savy about electricity than I am. Last week we had the guys from Dibble Electric stop by to work on our main service change. As a home owner, that is one of the few things I can't do myself. This weekend I finished up most of the loose ends to be ready for our rough electrical inspection. Just for fun I threw a bulb in on of our can lights and hardwired it to the breaker so we could have some light. It was fun to see a more concrete reinforcement of all the wire pulling I have been doing. Our rough inspection will be tomorrow, and hopefully we will get the go ahead so we can start insulating this week.Click on continue reading for another pic.

Dsc 0010-8

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