Modern Dog House

 Arch-1We have recently seen a big influx of modern accessories for pets, but I think I have to admit that the Architectura pet house from Pre-Fab Pets has to be one of the sweetest dog houses I have ever seen. The $349 price tag for a small house is a little hard to swallow, but it's great to see some good modern design filtering all the way down to a dog house. We recently had a reader write in looking for some modern pet housing. Amy writes:

Several websites that offer modern furniture and household goods are selling pet items. These are mostly for things for dogs, cats and fish. I realize there isn't much of a market for expensive small mammal cages but I have been searching for a guinea pig cage that will accommodate my kids' pets and that I will be happy to have in the playroom.

Since most small mammal cages are made out of plastic and metal (great post-modern materials), it seems like this should be easy to make. Can I inspire anyone?

Any ideas?

Architechtura pet house available from Pre-Fab Pets from $349-$999

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...