Framing is done! Let the roofing begin.

Dsc 0003-13The framers finished up the last of the rough framing yesterday. Chris from Benchmark Renovation did a fabulous job framing in the skylights and the projected window. In fact, pretty much everything those guys did turned out real nice. They demoed out the back of our house where the addition connects on, and it is great to see those interior spaces finally connected. We had our framing inspection yesterday too, and apart from a few small things everything passed. So now we can start with the electrical. One surprise that we did find is that the bottom of the wall on our existing house was rotting. It sits too close to the sidewalk outside and is constantly moist. We ripped out the old wood and put new wood in, and this summer I will need to rip out that sidewalk and grade it for proper drainage.

I installed the roof drains last night as well. The hardest part was finding someone that could get me the right product. For some reason everyone looked at me like I was a complete idiot when I asked for a roof drain. I ended up having to contact the local Zurn rep, and figure out which product I needed and then special order it from one of the local dealers. The one I ended up with turned out to be very easy to install, and very solid. The only downside is for four drains it cost almost $500. Ouch. That was a cost that I had not planned on. The good news is now that I have them in, the roofers can get a roof on it.

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Please excuse me while I pay some bills...