Roof Joists and Sheathing

Dsc 0014-6Last Thursday and Friday we rolled all the roof joists and sheathed the whole addition. That means that we are almost ready to put a roof on. All that is left is building the parapet wall around the top and sheathing it and putting in the roof drains. The framers should have the parapet done by the end of the day, and I will put in the roof drains after work. The roofers were planing on coming today, but we are not quite as far as we needed to be obviously, so hopefully they will be able to come tomorrow. Its great to see the spaces even more defined, now that it is all enclosed. I am sure the whole space will transform itself again when we get the windows and doors in. Hopefully that will be in about two weeks. That should give me just about enough time to insulate and wire the whole thing.

Dsc 0023-3 Dsc 0016-12

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