Britax Marathon - Couture Soho

200702190941My wife and I have this talent. We can walk into any store looking for something, and inevitably the thing we fall in love with is always the most expensive. Unfortunately for us, car seats are no different. We made a couple of choices up front. We plan on using a sling, so we didn't really want or need a car seat that was easy to tote around. Being cheap, I like the idea of not having to buy multiple car seats as the kid grows. This lead us to wanting a conversion car seat. Britax generally receives top reviews for all their conversion seats, and when we saw the print on the Britax Marathon Couture Soho, we were sold. Of course it was the most expensive print from the most expensive manufacture of conversion seats. The $299 price was hard to swallow, but throwing down a bunch of cash for our babies safety is pretty easy for me to justify. plus I still had some birthday money left (Thanks Lucia). The next challenge was finding a store that actually had it in. After literally hours of searching online and countless stores that were sold out, Albee Baby came through for us. You couldn't order online, but you could call in to order. I placed my order first thing this morning, and was told that it was amazing that they actually had it in stock.

More info on the Britax Marathon here. Available from Albee Baby for $299

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...