Foundation Walls

Dsc 0002-10We have foundation walls! They got everything formed up yesterday. The inspector came by a little after 2:00 and checked the rebar and setbacks again. I had done some surveying the night before to prove where our real property line was, so that there was no question about the setback. The inspector agreed that everything looked good, and we started pouring some concrete. It is crazy to see how big 600 square feet looks (see pic after the jump). It definitely will be a significant addition to the amount of living space we have. Next we will wait a couple days until the walls have set up well, and then we have to get a bobcat inside to do all the final grading for the slab inside. Once all the grading is done, I can put all the radiant tubing down, and then we can pour our floor and the patio and pavers. Hopefully we can get all of that done next week. As long as the weather stays nice it should all go like clockwork. I've got my fingers crossed.

Dsc 0009-3

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