Quilt Baby goodies

 All Images 8 872 Da1 Il 430Xn.5912979 All Images 6 65C 321 Il 430Xn.5906488 Quilt Baby is the name of a vender on Etsy, but what it translates to for all of us is affordable modern baby goods. You not only get great designer style at a price you can afford, but you get the peace of mind knowing that you are supporting an individual artist who is passionate about what they are doing. The Pinwheels and Circles Bib shown above is built extra heavy duty to last a long time, and is only $13. The Blue Curious Creature shown stands about 12" high, and is made of super soft fleece. The price for this little guy is $20. Like all Quilt Baby products, they are both machine washable and dryer friendly.

Available from Quilt Baby for $13 - $20.

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