Breaking Ground

Dsc 0011-7With our loan in place, we can finally start on our addition. We spent some time carefully marking out the exterior walls of the addition for our excavator. You can see in the picture above the outline of the addition. It was crazy to see it all marked out, it really is going to add a substantial amount of room. The next morning the excavators came. It isn't a whole lot of trench to dig, so they figured it would take about 4 hours. Much to their, and our dismay, they were way off. The ground is so frozen that they ended up having to use the jack hammer attachment to break through the first 18" of soil, that made for some slow work. They were able to get the whole north side (left side in the picture) done, and they should be back tomorrow to finish things up.

More pics of the action after the jump.

Dsc 0014-4

Dsc 0016-10

Dsc 0015-7

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