What to do with this exterior?

 Image Rjrobison Rbgfrzjd25I Aaaaaaaaayw Jt9L5Srtcuy -1Over in the forums, rjr is looking for a little help deciding what to do for the exterior of his house.

I posted this before several months ago and received some good feedback. But I still can't decide what do with the exterior of this house? I figured posting a picture of the house in it's setting might help. I would like to go ultra-modern, BUT the roof is pitched and the overall style of the house is not very modern. It's covered in snow right now, but as you can see it's a mountain location. So I need some mix of mountain and contemporary to make it work, especially since I plan to sell it when it is done. The roof half-way done and it is metal (black charcoal color). The windows are in now and they are white vinyl (unfortunately.. I wish they were black or aluminum). So basically I'm debating between hardipanel, hardiboard, stucco, etc. I was thinking off-white stucco or smooth hardipanel, with the dark grey metal would look nice. But I'm afraid it might not work with the white vinyl windows, unless the siding color were ultra pure white with some kind of creative window trim... But again, this might not fit up there in the mountains with snow half the year. I need some type of rugged contemporary with some wood or stone mixed in some how... maybe expose the bolts on the hardipanel, but use wood somewhere?

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