David Sarti Does Affordable Modern

 Abpub 2005 06 20 2002341876Here is a great little house that was built some time ago in Seattle by architect David Sarti. Much like we hope our home will be, it's not about quantity, but quality. This particular house comes in just under 800 square feet, and was built in Seattle for under $200 a square foot including price of land. A little simple math tells you that is around $160,000 for a modern crib in Seattle. Not to shabby at all. Like our project, David did a lot of the work himself to keep the cost down, everything from some framing to the cabinetry inside. It also has a hardipanel rain screen, and aluminum windows like our addition will. According to our bids, our addition will cost around $100 a square foot, and our whole house when its done will be about $130 a square foot including land. It's always refreshing to hear stories of other people making modernism affordable. Via Future House Now. Comments? Post them here in our forums.  Abpub 2005 06 20 2002341847

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