Tokyo Flash 12-5-9

 Pics Twe003 L1A super special thanks to all the readers here at GRM for helping me with my watch dilemma. Some time ago my old Nixon watch stopped working, and I solicited any ideas of cool affordable watches. Tokyo Flash came up in the discussions on the forums, and I immediately fell in love with the 12-5-9 shown here. Yesterday it arrived from Japan, just 4 days after I ordered it. It came in a sweet black pleather box, wrapped around a white pleather pillow. The quality looks top notch. It has a good weight to it that makes it feel like it should last for some time. The only thing that I was a little surprised by is that the watch doesn't constantly show the time. you have to push the button, does a little flourish of blinking lights, and about three seconds later it shows the time briefly.

Available from Tokyo Flash for $110. Original post here. Check out the forum discussion for lots of other great watch ideas, plus a discount code to Tokyo Flash.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...