Ron Rezek 2 squared light

200610292007I wanted to talk a little more about the light in our bathroom. We splurged a little here, because we just couldn't find something simple and affordable. In fact, compared to a lot of other choices, this was actually very affordable. The 2 squared light is a simple anodized aluminum housing for a T5 fluorescent bulb. It is (you guessed it) two inches by two inches, and available in several different lengths. We opted for the 50" high output model. It cost us $229 shipped through our local Artemide dealer The Light Spot. We love that the aluminum will match our new bathroom window, and we love the look of it. The light quality of it is very nice, if mounted correctly. We tested out some mounting arrangements and found that when mounted up high, with the diffuser out the light quality was not very good. I was surprised because this is how it is shown with the 2 squared mirror. Luckily by turning it to face down the lighting improved dramatically.

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