Caine Teapot

 Eq3 Images Items 3110-290-7-CaineteapotEQ3 has always been one of my favorite makers of affordable modern furniture and housewares. They seem to always have a nice balance of price and quality. I was perusing around their site today, and I notice a couple of new things. First off, they are finally opening EQ3 stores around the nation, instead of relying on small shops and lame retailers like RC Wiley to market their goods. Check out their new stores section to see if you are one of the lucky ones that live near a EQ3 store. Second, I came across this Caine Teapot, an all ceramic teapot (microwave and dishwasher safe). I love the look of it, and judging by EQ3's normal pricing, I bet it is quite affordable.

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