Anyone Bluefly?

200609071010 200609071007I came across this website some time ago called Bluefly. Their claim to fame is that they have items from over 350 designers, starting at over 40% off. The first time I perused their site, it looked to me that the prices weren't too much better than anywhere else online, and their selection was a little wanting. I stopped by again today, and I may be having a change of heart. They have a good selection of Dwell sheets and duvets on sale, both last years styles (or is it two years ago) and some newer ones as well. The Butter Hexagon queen duvet shown above is $123 which seems like a pretty good price. They also have quite a bit of Jonathan Adler stuff as well, but textiles and housewares. The sage green relief stoneware "Slide" desk lamp shown above is $150. So the question is, has anyone else used bluefly before? Did you love them or hate them?

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