Cre-8-ive Tension

 Resources  Wsb 517X345 BenchI wanted to take a moment today to give props to some local SLC guys that are doing some wonderful work. The company is called Cre-8-ive Tension, and they specialize in modern home furnishings, and make some very beautiful and very affordable modern furniture. One of my favorites is the bench shown, which is made of maple plywood stacked vertically so the grain is showing. I have seen it in person, and the quality is really wonderful. It's great to see a local company focused on affordable modern furniture. This line from their about page sums it all up:

Our goal is to continue to create reasonably priced, quality furniture that can be enjoyed by its users.

Sounds a lot like the purpose of this website.

Tension bench is available from cre-8-ive tension for $275.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...