Affordable modern platform bed

Dsc 0001-5My architect friend is re-doing a small pad about a mile from my house. About a month ago, he was getting ready to move in, and was looking for a bed. Unsatisfied with what he was finding in the stores, he drew me a quick sketch and asked if I could build it. Since I never turn down an opportunity to try something new (especially when someone else is buying the materials) I was all over it. The design was really quite simple. Two plain boxes wrapped in birch with a cantilevered top. The edges on the top were left exposed to match the desk I did for him a while ago. All in all I think it turned out pretty good. The price for materials was right around $250 when it was all said and done. The mattress is a 9" memory foam. The duvet is by Dwell. Lots more pics after the jump.

Dsc 0002-2

Dsc 0020-1

Dsc 0018

Dsc 0015-1

Dsc 0006-1

Dsc 0005-4

Dsc 0012

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