An End to the Grill Conundrum

 Product 044376 044376270100Just a couple of days ago, I posted about some grilling tools that were on sale over at the MoMA Store. I also asked if anyone knew of any affordable modern grills. Thanks to you guys, we had a lot of great comments. Some of the modern grills mentioned were:

  1. Fuego Grill
  2. A weird PC grill
  3. Eva Solo grill, which is now available in gas.

One idea that came up in the discussion was to just make my own grill similar to the clean lines of the Fuego. I looked around for a while to see where I could get some parts, and was a little discouraged. Then yesterday while I was at Lowes, I found the BBQ Grillware Stainless Steel Table Top Grill. Thats a whole lot of words for a simple little grill. It's small, only 22 square inches, but is clean looking, and it will make a nice grill section for a custom base. Best of all, it was only $97, so I can actually afford it now, and enjoy some good grilled Salmon until I get around to making a base for it.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

BBQ Grillware Stainless Steel Table Top Grill available at Lowes for $97.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...