Vessel Faucet

 F 102 3117 8H Www.Overstock.Com Images Products L10192261 Just a quick post today. Last week I told you about the vessel sink I got for a screaming deal. Well we needed a nice deck mount faucet to go with it. Faucets for some reason are insanely expensive, many of the nice ones are upwards of $300+. There was no way I was going to spend that much, so after a long time of hunting around I found this one at It was clean, modern and fit in the kind of asian inspired look we have going on. The price was only $79 so we figured we would go for it. I was pretty scetched out that the quality would not be that great. Luckily when we got it, everything turned out to be up to par. Turns out it is made by Kingston Brass, which would have been nice of overstock to mention. Anyway it looks good installed. I'll get some pics up soon.

Available at for $79.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...