H Space Design Build

H Space BungalowThis is a quick shout out for one of the local boys that is doing some awesome work. I recently had the pleasure to talk with Scott from H Space Design build. I actually stumbled across his website googling for residential concrete, salt lake city, or some random search like that. From my brief phone call, I was very impressed with some of the things that they are doing. Their website shows a very sweet remodel they just did in a swanking, yet charming neighborhood near down town salt lake. While it is not exactly affordable by any stretch of the word, it is a great example of the work they do. The good news for us little guys, is that Scott and H Space are doing a number of nice modern additions in much, much more affordable neighborhoods. Hopefully I can get together with them and get the good news of affordable modern housing out. Definitely more to come on this one.

H Space designs website is still a work in progress (like my house) but check it out anyway. It has a link to an MLS listing with lots of sweet pics. I especially love the Duravit Happy D tub.

*****UPDATE 2/15/11

I've update the photo's on this old post because the old photo's were just showing broken links.  The photo's shown here are from the Brach Design Website.  Dave Brach was working for H Space at the time these were designed. H Space is no longer in business.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...