Bathroom Destruction

Dsc 0003-2Dsc 0004-2 There are a couple things that my wife and I had hoped to get done before we start the actual construction for our addition. One of them was to remodel our bathroom. If you looked close at some of the drawings I have posted you can see that we plan on changing the location of the door, and moving a wall over a couple feet. Since de-construction is cheap and things were going slow with the addition, we thought that we would get a start on it. Above you can see a before and after of the process. We have big plans of course. A walnut vanity capped with a concrete countertop and vessel sink are in the works, as well as a stainless steel Ofuro (Japanese soaking tub), Ipe floor mats, a new toilet, shower, and lot and lots of tile work. Keep checking back for all the juicy details.

More pics after the jump.

Dsc 0007-1 This is the the view where the long hall will be connection the original house to the addition, you can see where we tore out the old wall. We really only had to move it over about 2 feet. Unfortunately we had to move all the sewer and water too, which was slightly less easy. Dsc 0017 Same view as above, but you can see where the new wall is starting to go in. This is actually the first wall I have ever framed in before. Dsc 0022 Looking the opposite direction, but from the bathroom instead of the hall.

Dsc 0019 Looking towards the back door from the bathroom.

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