Happy Birthday too

Dsc 0004Yep, as awful as it sounds, my wife's birthday is actually the day after our anniversary. To those guys out there, you're thinking, wow, hooked up. One gift, and you're covered. No such luck. My wife is smarter than that. Before we got married she made me sign in ink, a statement saying I would never ever combine the two.This year I splurged a little. My wife has always wanted an arco lamp. I obviously couldn't afford the original made by Flos (ylighting has it for a mere $2,300). I had seen several knock offs around town (discussed here in the forums) but really didn't like how far most of them strayed from the original design. I called a local store, By Design, to check prices and they told me they had a new model in that was almost exactly the same as the original. It sported a large square marble base and the square arch tubing. I went to look at it, and it was spot on. It is made in China, but the craftsmanship seems very quality. The original manufacture is italstudio mfg ltd. (no sign of them on the web) and it was apparently imported through Chair Tech out of Canada. The price was $400. While not exactly affordable for a floor lamp, compared to $2,300 it was a total steal.

Available from By Design for $400.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...