Making the modern home affordable

Dsc 0170If you've been following the story of our house, I've related up until we actually took ownership. In may of 2005 we started moving our stuff in. As first time home owners were were quite ecstatic to finally have a place of our own. When we bought the house it had a 4 foot chain link fence in the front yard. The first thing we did was rip it out to open up our yard a little. We recycled it by using it in our back yard so that our dog would have a place to run around while we were at work. The previous owner had been parking in the back yard for years and there was even old asphalt that went through most of our back yard. It took me months to rip it out with a pick axe and a shovel. Needless to say, the back yard was a mess, and still is. Inside was a different story... Our home was built in 1917. To be truthful, judging from the original structure I think it started out as more of a shed than a house. Since then it has gone through a multitude of remodels and additions, and it still has at least one more big one until it is done. The previous owner had gone through everything about four years before we bought it. They increased the square footage a little, (by extending out the back another 8 feet) getting it up to its current 700 sq/ft. The front of the house was divided into a living room and a bedroom. The living room had a nice vaulted ceiling, but the bedroom had a dropped boxed ceiling. The whole house was done in neutral colors, although none of it very tasteful. One of the very first things we did to the interior to celebrate the fact that we were home owners was paint our bedroom wall a bright grass green. It felt good to be able to do whatever we wanted, and it was nice to get a little color into our cramped little bedroomOriginalhouse


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