Apt - Penta Sofa bed

 Furniture2 Penta Images I1Lets face it, there is nothing affordable about sofas. I sometimes hesitate to list bigger items like sofa's and beds, because they are big purchases and highly dependent on personal taste. So what may be worth it to some, just isn't to others. I am starting to decide though, that any couch under $1000 is at least doable, if not affordable. The Penta, from SOHO based apt just barely meets that criteria. Priced at $998 on sale this sofa boasts a number of cool configurations that makes its not so affordable price fairly reasonable. The top flips down to alternate between a relaxing deep-level seat with a high back rest, and a normal depth seat with a low backrest. It also flips out to make a nice double bed (see pics after the jump). It comes in a number of colors and two different materials, my personal favorite being the 100% cotton Bari.

Available from apt for $998.

 Furniture2 Penta Images I2

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