Making the un-modern modern

DcelevationA lot of you have forgotten about the forums. They are a great place to write in and get some great advice. I think it's really the community effort that makes affordable modernism possible. We recently had a plea for help in making a pretty un-modern home look a little better. Check out the responses, and see if you can't lend a helping hand. Here's a preview.

domanicapital: Hello all. I recently discovered this website and think its great. I'm building a house (pictured above) and need to decide on an exterior. Unfortunately, the home style is not very modern, but I'm wondering if there is a way, despite the traditional look, to jazz up the exterior in a modern style.? The interior will be easy because it has a nice open floor plan,.

Dallas Ward: Hmm, you could get rid of shutters and reduce your trim. Glass and aluminum garage doors could be cool. Metal roofing if yours is in need of some replacement? Do something custom and interesting with your attic vents. Find an interesting color and do a monochrome look.

Any other ideas? Post them in the forums.

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