Modern Wedding?

Zinniaenvy-1 GRM Reader Jennifer wrote in:

Do you have any suggestions on where to get decorating ideas for a modern wedding? The wedding will be in South Florida, in an Italian style courtyard. I am on a budget, but I still want to add some of my own style. Every bridal magazine I have come across is too traditional or froufy. I like to mix modern with beach/bohemian. I guess if you could compare it to a company it would be West Elm. For the ceremony I wanted to incorporate a chic look with large white sheets of fabric up at the front, but I am not sure how. I need ideas for floral arrangements, table settings, etc. The colors I like are chocolate brown and spanish moss green or a celadon green. There will be at least 100 guests.

Any suggestions would be helpful. :)

I've got a couple of ideas, after the jump, but I though I would put it out to the masses to see if we could get some more. For floral arrangements make sure you look into zinnia envy (pictured above), they are big, green and very cool. Maybe even do some displays with large glass containers full of cut limes, kiwi, etc in water to incorporate your colors (I'll post an example later). If you have an Ikea close, check out their stuff, for accessories, not only will they look good for the wedding, but you can use them afterwards. Also make sure you check out the Jonathan Adler line at Bed Bath and Beyond for accents like napkins, placemats etc.

Anyone else?

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